Coping With Kendria

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Somehow, you have stumbled upon my diary. This is where I share my most personal moments and deepest feelings, regrets, thoughts, and views. Here is where I open up, and truly express myself, and let it all out. First off, let me start by saying that this section of my website will be the most intense, and most personal part of the entire site.

Here is where I share my most personal and intimate moments, experiences, and thoughts. Here is where you will find my most unfavorable, disliked, and most embarrassing moments. As the meme suggests, please do not judge me, or my experiences. I am simply sharing to relate. I am simply sharing to show you that I have had ups, downs, and up-side-downs; and I still made it through. I am showing you that there is light at the end of every tunnel, and just because life gives you lemons, doesn’t mean it will always be bitter.


Please Note: The situations, stories, experiences, and thoughts depicted here are my very own, and are not linked to anybody, sponsor, or monetary gain in any way. I am sharing my experiences in hopes to someday, help or even save an individual who is going through or has gone through some of the same experiences as I have. Please don’t judge me based on these situations, as I am only human, and to me, every experience is one I have learned from.

Without further delay, I will leave you to enjoy, cry, laugh, ponder, and explore my personal experiences, and my personal life, as I have lived it, with my thoughts, memories, and experiences.

  1. I was Raped
  2. My Current Status


Enjoy. But most of all, be sure to share, so that someone in need can benefit!




Have A Blessed Day!


Kendria Adams


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