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A Lifestyle Blog, with a Dash of Diva, a Pinch of Humor, A Taste of Real Life. A Recipe For Success.

An outlet for all the frustrations, good times, bad times, and questionable moments that is life.

If being a diva means giving it all you got, then yes, I guess I am a diva.

Most hear the word Diva, and think of it as being negative or derogatory. Not Me! I believe a Diva is someone who knows what they want, and will stop at nothing to get it!

Laughter is a like mini vacation.

I love to make people laugh. I honestly think it connects people, and cures you.

Latest Blog Posts

A Message Well Received

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My Current Status

It’s 2016 – What Am I Doing?   All the above all questions some of us have had to ask ourselves time and time again. I found myself asking thoseRead More >

I Was A Rape Victim – Here Is My Story

I am coming out! I was a victim of rape. I am sharing my story.   “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles, and obstacles, haveRead More >

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About Me

02.20.2016 Family Portraits (41)

Welcome to Coping With Kendria!

My name is Kendria Adams and I am the brains, wheels, and backbone of this whole operation (the website and my family). I have four beautiful, talented, and amazing children, who drive and push me each and every single day. I have created this website to not only be a resource to those in need, but also a gateway to relief, results, and change. I have been in many tough, difficult, and life-altering situations; just as many of you have in your lives. I did just about everything in my power to make sure my family and I stayed afloat. I’ve seen my share of heartache, hard-times, and struggle. I know what it’s like to make a decision between buying gas and buying groceries. I’ve worked dead-end, weird, low-paying, one-day, and temp jobs. I’ve sold things, bought things, built things, and tore things down to make money. My kids know what it’s like not to have the best or the most expensive stuff. They are not ashamed of wearing second-hand clothing, or buying clothes from thrift stores. My children have even sold candy to make extra money for their own field trips and extra curricular activities when money was really tight.  So we are no strangers when it comes to knowing to get ourselves through some tough times.

That is the reason for this website! When I was struggling and in search of help, information, and answers, with nowhere to turn, I had nothing. This website is for those in need, and those who are not in need, but may know someone who is, or just is looking for resources and knowledge. The resources within this website came to me in my search for services, help, or inquiries. I chose to share this information, because I know that there are many others who just cannot find the right information and don’t have the time or resources to find help.

I hope my wealth of information brings you comfort, safety, and assurance; and I also hope to bring inspiration, and motivation to those who may be experiencing or may have experienced some of the things I have.

About Us

My family is my entire world right after GOD and before hard work. Without these 3 things I would be nothing, and without my faith, motivation, and desire; I would be worthless. I am a strong believer in family and a stronger supporter of independence and paying yourself first. I created this website because like many, I have seen real struggle, and I have seen tough times. I have experienced the ups, the downs, the ins, and the outs, of public housing, government assistance, welfare, teen-age pregnancy, single parenting, working full time, attending college, being homeless, being without food, transportation, and the bare necessities.

Kendria Adams

Currently managing three websites, Kendria is constantly busy, “Getting Myself Together”, “Balancing Work & Home”, and currently managing all three websites, and My other site ( is where I deliver my honest, reliable, and informal product and service reviews, while adding a dose of my addictive humor. While balancing these websites, and their associated social media profiles (which can be found on the Contact Us Page), I also manage to fit more tasks than I should into a normal 24 hour day, just like everyone else. My workload is never-ending and there is always something to be improved upon. I have a very strong work ethic, personality, and shoe game. I just recently lost my full-time/income from my corporate job, and no plans of ever returning to work for someone else again. I attend school full time, I attend school activities and 2 soccer and 2 track games every Saturday for Malik and Kailani. My passion begins with reading and ends with writing. I am an outgoing, outspoken, witty, intelligent, and good-natured person, who has a love for people, children, and nice shoes. I love to shop, surf the net, and interact, so hopefully you will visit often.

My Background :

Coming from a strong, independent, single-mother of 5, I know first hand about many of life’s struggles just not having enough to go around. Being a single mother of 4, the cycle has totally repeated itself, but just in a completely different light. But there is a difference.  A difference in the way I raise my children, from how I was raised. The lessons have not changed, just the delivery. I believe strongly in the power of family and sticking together, and that is how I’m raising my children. I also believe in paying yourself first, and striving to create residual income. I do not want to report to a 9 – 5 for the rest of my life, so I am constantly trying to put the necessary measures in place, so that one day, I will be able to give my resignation for good. I am a very determined and a very loyal individual, so I know that what I’m working on right now, will pay off greatly in the long term.

While managing the 3 websites listed above, in addition to my parental duties; I also managed to squeeze in some time to learn to Drop-Ship. If you have no clue what that is, just check out my review, HERE! Learning to maneuver on Ebay, Amazon, and Paypal has taught me quite a bit, along with the occasional trial and error of course. So be sure to visit my Ebay stores: Review_Queen and Success775

Be sure to keep in contact, and visit often!

See ya Soon!

Kendria Adams

Coping With Kendria

kermit sip tea cwk

Hello & Welcome!


Somehow, you have stumbled upon my diary. This is where I share my most personal moments and deepest feelings, regrets, thoughts, and views. Here is where I open up, and truly express myself, and let it all out. First off, let me start by saying that this section of my website will be the most intense, and most personal part of the entire site.

Here is where I share my most personal and intimate moments, experiences, and thoughts. Here is where you will find my most unfavorable, disliked, and most embarrassing moments. As the meme suggests, please do not judge me, or my experiences. I am simply sharing to relate. I am simply sharing to show you that I have had ups, downs, and up-side-downs; and I still made it through. I am showing you that there is light at the end of every tunnel, and just because life gives you lemons, doesn’t mean it will always be bitter.


Please Note: The situations, stories, experiences, and thoughts depicted here are my very own, and are not linked to anybody, sponsor, or monetary gain in any way. I am sharing my experiences in hopes to someday, help or even save an individual who is going through or has gone through some of the same experiences as I have. Please don’t judge me based on these situations, as I am only human, and to me, every experience is one I have learned from.

Without further delay, I will leave you to enjoy, cry, laugh, ponder, and explore my personal experiences, and my personal life, as I have lived it, with my thoughts, memories, and experiences.

  1. I was Raped
  2. My Current Status


Enjoy. But most of all, be sure to share, so that someone in need can benefit!




Have A Blessed Day!


Kendria Adams


ps. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my Newsletter, for important tips, updates, and diva news, you may or may not use!

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